About our family

Growing up in Columbus, I knew Dublin was a great place to raise a family. And we’re so excited to start our new business in our home, Dublin, Ohio.

I was in business and retail for years before becoming a stay at home mom. I earned my business degree from Miami University, managed a Victoria’s Secret store after graduating, and then became a buyer with Limited Too.

I’ve been home raising our four girls for the past 14 years. Our oldest will be a freshman at Jerome in the fall, and our youngest will be a kindergartener at Depp.

Keeping up with our girls’ style preferences is a full time job. All of our products have been approved by four very picky young ladies.  They love helping with the designs, choosing new products, and of course...giving lots of constructive criticism.

We’re so proud that they want to be part of every aspect of our family’s business. They get so excited every time we make a sale. Leading by example, Moms really can do it all!